Virgil Abloh Response to Looting During George Floyd Protests

Off White and Louis Vuitton designer is accused of “missing the bigger picture” in an Instagram post about damage caused to streetwear shops in Los Angeles. Abloh the highest profile black designer in fashion failed to acknowledge the injustice and racism in his community but recognized the monetary value of the damages in his store. Abloh once stated that “streetwear is a culture. “Streetwear is a commodity”. “Virgil is more upset at people looting the OFF-WHITE store than police brutality” wrote one Twitter user. Another stated “Virgil doesn’t care about the culture he just exploits it”. 

Fashionista Goes Off-Line in solidarity with Black Lives Mater Movement 


The brand decided not to publish Monday “to create more space for the conversation carrying over this weekend’s protests. In light of the recent police killings, Fashion brands have decided to express their opinions in different ways.  Fashionista decided not to publish Monday for the first time in its 13-year history. Fashionista went above and beyond and highlighted black creatives in the fashion and beauty industries on social media. 


Fashion fails to bring awareness to recent current events 


The United States has exploded with anger after the senseless killing of unarmed black men and women at the hands of law enforcement.  Protest has erupted from city to city in vocal support of Black lives Matter a movement that denounces racism and respectfully calls for equality for the black race. Large sportswear brands Nike and Adidas lent their support for public protests even though their store was damaged. Louis Vuitton launched a new campaign for a new handbag and lightly mentioned that “Make a change. Freedom from racism towards peace together. #blacklivesmatter”. The fashion industry has used black culture as its influence to the “cool” and “trendy” styles we have today. Fashion brands have participated in inclusivity marketing, largely to better appeal to customers. The question consumers are askin is where these same brands are and influencer’s now

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