Top 3 Luxury Jewelry Brand Accessories

Luxury jewelry brands have increased their product lines. By creating accessories that cater to every client. Even those who dislike jewelry, high- end jewelry brands are popular for theirs. Engagement rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Despite what they are known for, brands have created accessories that show homage to their history. Incorporating their iconic styles in handbags and wallets.























Cartier tops our list of women accessories. This company is best known for their exclusive love bracelets. That ranges from $5,000 to $8,000 USD. Cartier jewelry comes in their signature red case. That loyal fans adore, clients are able to purchase a similar accessory.  That is inspired by their iconic packaging. The Guirlande de Cartier international wallet. Priced at $620 USD is a perfect way. To carry their signature red box in a stylish way. The Guirlande collection offers an array of products. That brings versatility and a pop of color to every outfit. 









Italian luxury jewelry brand Bulgari is recognized for its snake headpiece and color gemstones. They have increased their clientele by making handbags and accessories. Recently they have launched a collaboration with Alexander Wang. To appeal to their younger audience. The collection is filled with vibrate and classic colors. One of their classic non-collaborative pieces, the Serpenti Forever Wallet is priced at $780  USD. Clients have the option to personalize and truly make it their own. 


























Of course on our list is Tiffany & Co. One the top luxurious jewelry brand in the world. Tiffany’s is famous for their Return to Tiffany’s line that is fairly priced. Tiffany’s creates more than timeless jewelry pieces. Their line of women handbags and wallets are the latest accessory every girl needs. Their  Zip Travel Wallet in their signature Tiffany blue is priced at $585 USD. This will be a great accessory to your trip at the Blue Box cafe located in New York City.




Sarah Fontanges

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