The Mysterious Brand of Maison Goyard

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Maison Goyard is a prestigious luxury goods brand for the elite. It has more notoriety than Gucci and Louis Vuitton. It is truly considered the status of wealth, Goyards are not as accessible as their mainstream competitors.  Luxurious Goyard travel accessories and handbags can only be purchased at three locations; their flagship in New York City and two Bergdorf Goodman locations. The company takes pride in its brand exclusivity. It does not participate in e-commerce in any way. Goyard’s popularity has increased in a subtle way. The only publicity that has been associated with the brand. Is when rappers create lyrics about Goyard. This was seen in Roddy Ricch’s song “High Fashion”  Rappers and luxury fashion have a connection. Without paying for publicity, rappers continue to bring more notoriety to companies 

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Most luxury designer brands have been vocal about the current issues the African-American community is facing in society. It is important to acknowledge African-American rappers bring attention to their products.  Brands have posted black squares for Black Out Tuesday, promised more diversity in the workplace, and donated money to fight social injustices. However, Maison Goyard has remained silent.


The history behind the brand contributes to its secrecy. Goyard is known for hardly giving interviews to any form of publication and refusing to advertise. Since its founding in 1792 by  Pierre-François Martin in Paris, France. It has still remained a private family-owned company. Without shareholders, investors, and a creative director. 


What makes Mansion Goyard unique. Is their lack of desire to become mainstream.  Their main focus is to cater to their existing clientele only.  It is known for its expensive Goyardine Chevron Canvas that is made in an array of colors. At first, the print was carefully hand-printed onto every product. Its modernized process now requires. A ground-color application accompanied by three layers of etching colors. The price typically ranges from $300 USD to 59,000 USD.


Celebrities have worn Goyard for years. Most notable have been Coco Chanel, Pablo Picasso, and  Cristobal Balenciaga. Goyards are only produced in four categories. Special Orders, travel goods, pet accessories, and women’s and men’s handbags/ accessories Over the years, LVMH and Kering have had their sights on purchasing the brand. Goyard respectfully declined and released an official statement stating they will remain a privately owned company.



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