Copenhagen Fashion Week

As the world of fashion continues to change, what still remains the same is the rise of Copehehagen as a premiere fashion destination. The fashion week there has become increasingly buzz worthy in the last few years, and this year is no different. Despite many of the live shows being transform into alternative mediums, the overall motif of hope carried throughout the many local designers.

This week, local designers put forth their various alternative “shows” to debut their Spring 2021 collections. Although the turnouts for the few live events was almost half what it usually is, the efforts were still recognized across fashion media.

As one of the pioneers of the sustainable fashion movement, which has continued into this season, the city was also the ultimate test of what fashion week will look like in the big cities next month. Because of their positive approach to combating the coronavirus, the city was able to provide a good amount of in-person exhibitions, events, and live presentations. Although many of the other fashion capitals may not be at the same level just yet. Some Dannish bands, like Henrik Vibskov, Helmstedt, Remain Birger Christensen, Soulland, and 7 Days Active, had a small number of attendees in socially-distanced seating or standing arrangements

“I’m staying safe using masks and hand sanitisers, no hugs or handshakes, even with friends I’ve not seen for a while. I live here and it’s my base, [so] I love to support local brands and Copenhagen Fashion Week,” show-goer Mads Emil Grove Møller told Vogue of her experience at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Through the presentations, the well-known Scandi-style fashion of bright colors and whimsical patterns was still apparent. Vests, printed tights, and oversized comfortable shapes, were some of the notable trends from the events this week. These, local designer Stine Goya says, showcases “the feeling of joy through play and experimentation, colors, and through our local community.”

The glimmer of what fashion week will entail for September creates a hopeful space for the fashion community, so long as the cities are able to keep the spread of Covid-19 at bay. Milan announced their combined phygital calendar presentation this week, however New York’s season still has a lot of unknowns.
By Staci Soslowitz