the new fashion normal

APRIL 30, 2020

As states like GA make the decision to reopen their economy and day to day operations, the lack of effective safety measures to PROTECT residents still remains the same. On April 21 medical Dr. Bernard Ashby joined the breakfast club live to speak on not only whats the new fashion but the new path forward for peoples safety in day to day life. Dr. Ashby mentioned how masks, no limited to n95, were going to be the best short term solution in ascents of a vaccine as masks are to help the wearing reduce their chances of spreading the virus and germs to near by peers by ASYMPTOMATIC individuals. 


As many local and large scale designers have adapted the immediate solution and personalized it for fashion accessibility, official cosign from the CDC mandating everyone should be wearing a mask in public makes its first steps in small stride to a safer community post quarantine.