Luxury Has a Response to Corona 

Amid the cancellations, mandated shutdowns, retail closures, flight differences, and highly suggested social distancing the panic from the Covid-19/Corona Virus has cause a new problem. A lack in medical resources and supplies such as N-95 masks and gloves, with this newly found information major designers and leaders have made it well known that they are there to here, and in fact will. Kerby Jean-Raymond recently posted in his Instagram profile that he will be converting his office in NYC into a donation center for medical supplies. Christian Siriano made a public response as well to NYC Govenor Cuomo that he and his team will assist in manufacturing masks to respond to shortage as well. Luxury group LVMH has announced that they will not only supply 40 million masks for France but will also aid in creating anti bacterial hand sanitizer to combat the shortage from the massive response of the public for the product. 

Rihanna has also announced that she will donate 5 million dollars to medical supplies and aid in developing the vaccine for the virus!!