Refinery Rooftop

When it comes to sipping signature cocktails with a view, count us in. Now let's take that view from the ground level to the rooftop with views of the empire state building, and a scenic sweep of Manhattan skylines is icing on the cake. For this experience, let me transfer you to the Refinery Rooftop. Sure, it's not the only rooftop with said views, but it's one of the best places to start, and it's easily one of the city's top 10 rooftop lounges with open views you'll want to add your New York cocktail lounge experience, whether you're a resident or just visiting.

The vibes at Refinery Rooftop offers a sophisticated yet fashionably comfortable ambiance from the moment you walk through the double doors with golden double R's, to the moment you reach the top and the elevators open to their fountain and sectioned seating area. To adhere to the new normal of COVID guidelines, each staff member wears a mask. Menus, seated areas, and surfaces are sanitized between seatings with a personal spray sanitizer at your table. They do ask that you wear your mask upon entering, and as you walk around when not seated at your table.

For this visit we along with lifestyle editor at large and blogger at went in for a personal cocktail tasting. We experienced 6 signature cocktails each individually captured to share with you, including the layout of Refinery itself, so you'll know what to expect when you decide to visit for your next cocktail rondeau.

From the outdoor decor (spaced for social distancing) to the drinks, Refinery Rooftop has much to offer in the heart of midtown Manhattan. As the city continues to reopen, make this a stop to experience as the warmth of summer wines down, and that sweet spot of fall rolls in. Refinery is located on W38 street, between 6th and 5th avenue.

Signature Cocktails
in order of our favorites :-)

this one is sweet and spicy, a well deserved drink at the end of a long. It gave me that grown and sexy vibes ;-)

• gin, cucumber and lime
a refreshing blend suitable for brunch, or an early evening refresher

• vodka, watermelon and pineapple
subtle, early evening refresher vibes

• vodka cherry, lemon and club soda
this felt a little eh, like an everyday drink with dinner...nothing special, but still nice

• french rosé, cointreau, orange's and apples
decent drink for brunch, I personally would prefer it sweeter by using a sweeter rosé

the idea of frosé is always welcome, but this one landed last on the favorite list because it didn't wow me. It needs some kind of a kick to it, and a little garnish for presentation...a cherry or two maybe.
By Latain Palmer