Flying during Covid-19

Flying anywhere during this pandemic poses risks everyone should fully acknowledge. Surprisingly, the risk of contracting the virus during a trip is not stopping people from living their best lives. So at least do it in the most luxurious safest way possible. The price of flying first class has either gotten cheaper or more expensive.

Depending on where you are traveling to. The amenities of luxury flying generally include spacious seating, snacks to full on meals, and check in priority. As of late, commercial flying has seen declines in revenue and stocks. They are still trying to recover from months of loss business.

Major airline companies never imagined private flying would take over. With news on coronavirus rapidly changing daily. Private flying does seem more ideal. According to Forbes private flying has increased to %75. People are able to better social distance and have more peace of mind. It does appear to be a bit more safer and cleaner. Jet edge has been the leading private flying company to gain revenue during these times. Of course it will be costly. Depending on the location you are traveling to determines the cost.

Flying first class vs private flying truly does not compare. Both bring completely different experiences. Whichever you choose please be extra safe by taking precautions. Here’s a couple things you can do to ensure you are safe. Wear a mask and bring extra, wash hands regularly and, If you are unwell, do not travel.

According to the Verge Southwest Airlines have cut back cleaning in between flights. They will instead do nightly cleaning routines. Which includes first class, it shows even if people spend a decent amount of money to ensure safety.

Airlines will continue to do what benefits them insead of the consumer. Our safety is not a top priority for them. Money clearly is, so save those coins for private flying.

Sarah Fontanges