Black-Owned Travel Accessories.

Even though we are currently living through a pandemic. People all over the world are not afraid of traveling to different countries and states. It is important to travel in style and safely. We have put together a small list of black own travel accessories. That will help you through your next trip.
Black Girl Sunscreen. This SPF 30 product is designed with melanin in mind. It is fragrance free and will not leave a white cast over the skin. It can be purchased at and Priced at $18.99 USD.
Off-White facemasks. Facemasks are now a requirement for traveling, they come in different colors and prints. So far Off-White has been the only luxury retailer that has acknowledged Covid-19 by producing masks. They are currently priced at $105 USD and be purchased at
Hand Santizer is another important essential that we all need when traveling. Garners Garden is a black-owened company that specializes in body care. Their Oxy Gel Natural hand sanitizer will kill up to 80% of bacteria and germs.It is priced at $5.99 USD and be purchased at Ashya is a black owned luxury goods company that makes products using sustainable material only. Their passport cover is the perfect accessory that is cute and great for the environment. Priced at $190.00 it can be purchased at
Sarah fontanges