Baby Brasa

A place in lower Manhattan that's nestled amongst a strip of tropical trees, and when the wind blows it feels like you're on an island sipping on an assortment of summer drinks throughout your visit. BabyBrasa is a Peruvian spot located on 7th Avenue with outdoor seating setup to provide comfort in social distancing, and it features a giant Instagramable flamingo for all your cocktail photo op needs....just don't drop that alcohol ;-) A Few days ago we visited for a cocktail tasting, and well, I decided to have a mango salad on the side. The salad was yummy with chunks of mango, sliced avocado, cucumbers, and leafy greens at the base.

For the tasting we ordered 5 drinks, and upon delivery of all at once, we went to work in capturing some shots to share with you. They are listed below in order of favorites.

BabyBrasa is definitely a spot you'll want to check out asap, We're thinking of heading back for an influencer brunch. Can't wait to share that experience with you, until then....some drinks to drool over.