Shortly after I turned 20 years old I realized I couldn’t take a photo without a filter. It was not

“postable”, I felt uncomfortable with how I looked in my unedited, unfiltered photos. Not because

I hate my face but because I’m so accustomed to the way I look with filters, since that realization

I’ve been thinking a lot about the effect it may have on other women.

When women think about Botox and fillers in 2019 we typically think about The Kardashians,

The Hadids and lots of other celebrities and influencers. But what we don’t think about is the

psychological toll that it may have on young girls and future generations.

In this selfie

saturated world

editing your face

and using

Snapchat and

Instagram filters is


norm. We don’t

see large


influencers without

a non-existent nose,

perfectly plump

lips, almond

shaped eyes and

perfect skin, or if

we do it’s rare.

As a Child I remember being able to see how fake and odd Botox looked but now that Botox

and fillers have become so realistic looking (in moderation) what does it mean for the young

girls of the next generation? When they look in the mirror will they expect to grow up with a

perfectly proportioned eye, nose, and lip ratio? Will they assume that by the time they hit 18

their lips will be huge and lucious? Or will they know it’s all filler and just save up money to

achieve the “perfect instaface”, in 20 years will we all look like different variations of Kylie

Jenner? The plastic surgery board claims that many women now go into their consultations with

                                                                           pictures of Snapchat and                                                                                        Instagram filters and want that                                                                              look. And

                                                                           I’ve noticed even with myself

                                                                           and my 18+ friends, taking a                                                                                  selfie without a filter is simply                                                                                not the norm. Instagram also                                                                                  recently deleted a lot of the                                                                                    filters people were creating                                                                                    themselves due to the                                                                                            realization that it will

                                                                           prompt people to like their                                                                                    faces more with the filters rather                                                                            than without. While I don’t think

                                                                           fillers Botox and filters will                                                                                      vanish (nor do I want them to),                                                                                people will always strive for                                                                                    perfection

For the women who

can’t afford fillers and Botox, apps like facetune make the dream a reality.

Influencers like James Charles, Tana Mongeau and many others post videos on YouTube either

showing how to edit your face or admit to heavily editing their photos. It’s worrying to think about

how young girls may assume that these people just look perfect and that looking that way is the

standard of beauty. In a recent interview with supermodel icon Twiggy she spoke to Platinum

magazine, the ‘60s icon claims that she has never had Botox or fillers due to the fact that she

doesn’t “like the look of some people who’ve had too much work...I don't like those filler things

they pump into people's faces. They look like chipmunks…It's the Kardashians, isn't it?”

While I don’t think people should police what others do to their faces, fillers and Botox are

becoming extremely normalized in comparison to the early 2000’s where it was much more

taboo and it seemed as if only the Wildly rich would get the procedures done. Paris Hilton, Kate

Moss, Natalie Portman and so many other famous white women did not have huge lips and

were still seen as beautiful. Even the black models had no reason to enlarge their lips but as

fillers and Botox is becoming more normalized I’ve been seeing every type of woman getting

their lips done, trying to achieve the perfect pout.

- Hawa O'Brien

                                                                                  and these procedures are

around to help you feel and look however you want. Yet I do think

there should be a larger conversation about self love, and showing the younger generation that

you don’t have to look like everyone else. It’s okay for people to look different, that's what

makes the world beautiful. So next time you go to take a selfie I challenge you to take one

without a filter or any editing, And try to remember that when you are 70 you will miss the

already perfect face you have now.