Misa Hylton

Weather you’re into fashion, music, business, or beauty. Everyone has seen the jaw-dropping look of Lil Kim at the 1999 MTV awards. The infamous purple pasty look was stylisted by Misa Hylton.

Many people may not be familiar with her name. But they have seen the famous looks she's created, for some of the dopest artists in Hip-Hop. Hylton has been a pioneer in the urban fashion industry for over 25 years. Her styling has inspired many looks we see today on our favorite celebrities. Her career began at the young age of 17 years -old. When she and her former boyfriend Diddy created a look for R & B singing group Jodeci.

Over the years, you have seen Misa Hylton Iconic looks in Lil Kim “Crush on you video”, The Carters “Apeshit,” and Mary J Blige “Not Gon Cry” Hylton played a huge role in Hip-Hop and fashion co-existing with each other. She wasn't afraid to break barriers and create spaces for women in a male dominated industry.

Black designers and stylists have never got the recognition and attention they deserve. Their work has changed the fashion industry. Today, we see many luxury mainstream brands that “create” looks with reference to Hylton’s style.

Recently, Hylton was named the Global Creative Partner of MCM. To honor the amazing documentary(Must watch!) “The Remix” on Netflix. She cultivated the Remix Shop. An assortment of hand picked MCM styles. As part of the joint collaboration, MCM has supported The Misa Hylton Fashion Academy

The Fashion Academy consists of different courses made to educate young girls in fashion. Prospective students can take courses in streetwear, fashion technology, business, and fashion styling.

She’s inspiration to black women, her drive to make a name for herself and influence fashion. Will always be admired by me and anyone who loves fashion.

Sarah Fontanges