April Walker

April Walker is one of the most influential women in fashion and Hip-Hop. She is known for her famous clothing brand Walker Wear. A streetwear brand based out of Brooklyn. Walker has dressed many Hip-Hop legends including;Aaliyah, Biggie,Tupac, Snoop Dog, and Run-DMC.

She changed the fashion game by creating captivating styles that everyone wanted. Before Walker Wear became a household name(1991). Walker had her first clothing business called Fashion In Effect which was inspired by the great Dapper Dan. Walker took the complaints she often heard by men and turned into a successful clothing line.

Men wanted deeper front and back pocks in their jeans. But could not find a brand that met their expectations. Thankfully, Walker decided to take matters into her own hands by creating something they always wanted. People often assume streetwear designs originated with men creating fly looks for themselves. During the 90s when Walker was up and coming.

She strategically chose not to openly associate herself with the brand. Due to her fear of men not wanting to support her fashion line. Understandably, it was a smart choice there was no room for women during that era. Walker broke society barriers by creating something that is timeless.

Walker is continuing her legacy by partnering with in the “Streetwear Essentials” program by Parsons with collaboration with Yellowbrick. As an alum of one of Yellowbrick’s program, I can honestly say. This program will be a great tool to enhance your education and interest in streetwear.

Sarah Fontanges