Giulia Baldini

Chloe X Halle:

A week of sensations and collaborations with Balmain.

In the midst of May, the fashion industry has woken up from its lockdown-hibernation and has been showcasing the most creative productions ever realized. Among the several fashion and entertainment events happening on social media, Atlanta-born and Los Angeles-based singers Chloe and Halle have been taking over the internet with their fresh single Do It and their collaboration with Balmain, the French fashion house directed by Olivier Rousteing.

The campaign Chloe and Halle adhered to showcase reflects the brand’s spirit to connect the worlds of fashion, music, and cinema altogether. Last week Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing hosted a live session from the brand’s Instagram page featuring an interview with Chloe and Halle. Paris and Los Angeles got connected with the world and hundreds of people were able to see also a live performance of Do It by the two sisters. 

Balmain’s choice in selecting Chloe’s and Halle’s faces for their brand was a pondered decision made by the fashion house, known for its geometric and luxurious designs. However, the collaboration isn’t something totally unexpected, since Balmain had already done collaborations and projects with Beyonce, Chloe and Halle’s major mentor, for her Coachella Homecoming. Chloe and Halle worked also with Carlota Guerrero, for a photoshoot via Zoom showcasing their black and white Balmain’s collection.




Chloe X Halle’s Do It has reached more than 4 million views on Youtube. In one week the single, which is part of their latest album Ungodly Hour, has become a Tik Tok sensation too. The duo launched a dance and a set of moves from shoulders to toe that has being loved and performed by hundreds of fans, both on Tik Tok and Instagram. 

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