Gucci Launches Cosmetics Line Gucci Beauty. 


Gucci has dominated the fashion world for years. The luxury brand decided to take over another industry. Cosmetics, which may seem as an unexpected move. But in Gucci fashion the brand is known for surprises. In 2019 creative director Alessandro Michele. Announced Gucci’s plan to create Gucci Beauty. An exclusive cosmetics line that sets Gucci apart from their biggest competitor Louis Vuitton. The beauty brand is the perfect way to increase revenue for the company. Gucci has stayed on top of their fashion empire. Due to the increase of sales from millennials. A cosmetic line is a flawless way to appeal to millennials even more.


The newest line has already launched multifunctional face & lip gloss, mascara, eleven shades of face powder, eyebrow pencils, and an assortment of lipsticks that vary in different shades and finishes. Gucci Beauty will now be combined with the brand’s line of fragrances. The combination is a profitable plan that will grow the company.  The vision behind this expansion is to showcase different types of beauty. Its diverse campaign features both men and women wearing makeup. It breaks down the standards of beauty society has created. 


Makeup is a form of expression and creativity. Gucci Beauty does an exceptional job of conveying that message. The price range for this line is $33 USD to $62 USD. The price points are fair and affordable for those. Who desire luxury cosmetics from a reputable brand. Gucci beauty can be purchased at Gucci, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Sephora.