One to Watch Fe Noel

Fe Noel​, a black-owned luxury fashion label is changing the fashion game. Over the years, her styles have become impactful and inspirational for many aspiring fashion designers. Her brand is the definition of hard work and success. At a young age Felicia Noel, founder, and designer of the Brooklyn based brand Fe Noel. Knew she was meant to become an entrepreneur. She gets her inspiration from her family’s entrepreneurial careers. That led her desire to create something of her own. Noel’s fashion line is inspired by her Grenadian heritage. The ready-to-wear collections are filled with bold prints and solids that complements many different shades of brown. There are resort styles for travel and essentials for the everyday working woman. Noel’s start to fashion was purely based on her self-motivation. She did not earn formal fashion training from a university. Nor did she have investors to fund her vision. Her talent and creativity are solely self-taught. To start her business, she began designing clothing. In the basement of her mother's daycare. As she continues to do now. Fe Noel’s popularity has increased over the years. Celebrities have fallen in love with her unique designs. They have been seen on Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, and Robin Roberts. Just to name a few, Noel has also influenced streetwear styles. In 2018 the designer did a collaboration with Lebron James’ first women basketball shoe. The brand embodies following your desires.

Felicia Noel’s work is admirable and motivational. She created her own foundation, Dream in Color where she serves as a mentor for young women. Who has the passion to become an entrepreneur? Fe Noel can be purchased at Bloomingdales and Fe

Sarah Fontanges