Fashion TV

It feels like decades ago I sat on my living room couch contemplating what I would do in the unconventional materials challenge on the newest episode of Project Runway. The show gave viewers an entertaining reality show centered around up-and-coming fashion designers. 18 seasons later, the challenge has given the fashion world designers like Cristian Siriano, Leanne Marshall, Kentaro Kameyama, and Chloe Dao.

But like any show on TV, status-quo gets tiring after a while. In 2018, the dynamic-duo hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn announced they would be leaving the show to pursue a new venture, an Amazon Prime original series about the next global brand. 

Making the Cut premiered on Amazon Prime this past March, as many of us were stuck in quarantine with little choice of television shows. The show had similar characteristics to Project Runway, but instead gave the designers challenges that centered around more than just design; it included marketing, branding, and even organizing a pop-up shop in New York City. Designers competed for the chance to win $1 million, a vast difference from the $100 thousand given on Project Runway. But that’s not all. Each week’s challenge winner got the opportunity to sell their winning garment via Amazon Prime’s “Making the Cut” store. This new venture gave the competitors the ability to have their own designs sold on one of the biggest online retailers in the world. The winner, of course, also got a partnership with Amazon Fashion.

It seemed like fashion TV was making a comeback, especially with another competition show popping up on Prime’s competition, Netflix. The streaming giant debuted their own fashion reality TV show in late January. However, this show’s core more closely resembles the likes of Project Runway. The key difference between Netflix’s version and the OG Project Runway is that the designers were more established, having worked for names like XY and styling Beyoncè and that they had to work as a team for the first six episodes.

Ultimately, Netflix announced this week that the show will not be getting a second season. However, like other Netflix cancellations, there’s a chance for the show to be picked up by another network. For Amazon’s Making the Cut, there is no word yet on a season two  

By Staci Soslowitz