Brand Spotlight: Vavvoune

Any outfit can be empirically good, but a unique accessory can make that outfit great. In a world
of functional bags that do not make a statement and statement bags that really are not
functional comes a brand making every day a statement. Enter: Vavvoune. The New York-
based Black-owned business is making statements with its stylish and sophisticated leather
goods through cultured design.

Founded by Haitian-born, Boston raised Valerie Blaise, Vavvoune notes that the brand notes
that “moods, moments of nostalgia, and functionality introduces inspiration.” Blaise, a designer
and leather artisan, decided to learn to make bags after moving to New York City and shopping
for a vintage purse online. She bought a sewing machine, studied her skills, and just like that,
Vavvoune was born in 2015.

With the growth and expansion of the brand, Blaise has built a work environment where
designers work one-on-one with a team of craftspeople. Blaise also aims to be resourceful and
sustainable; as leftover scraps of leather and other materials are donated to various art
programs across the country.

Blaise’s natural talent and artisanship shine through when looking at Vavvoune’s sleek And
just like its product, the brand’s site features cool hues and stunning photos; creating an
aesthetically pleasing viewing and shopping experience. Easel, at first glance, there is no
challenge imagining using one of these bags every day, or out for a really special occasion. The
opportunities are endless.

“I believe modernizing classic leather accessories through subtle but efficient femininity,” Blaise
said in an interview with the Boston Voyager. “Byways of color, details, and versatility.”
Despite creating a name all on her own through hard work, talent, and dedication, Blaise is no
stranger to not being taken seriously because she is a Black woman in the world of fashion.
The popularity and elegance of her brand, as well as her stunning social media presence, are
testaments to her hard work and her dedication to not only her brand but also to bettering and
increasing the voice of Black women in fashion.

“Having a vision and staying true to YOUR own and YOUR own vision, inspirations will have
you flourishing,” she said. “Be kind to yourself and try to not obsess over things rather than
allowing it to come to you.”

The sophisticated chic meets chill girl vibe that Vavvoune’s pieces put forth into the world make
this brand one to watch and support, now and forever. Invest in one of these beautifully curated
and created pieces, and you will surely have a timeless piece in your closet to use season after

By: Emily Goldberg
Instagram: @bb.em