Face Masks: The Trendiest New Necessity

The covering is required to be worn when in public, but can it be fashionable?



Four months ago as fashion’s biggest names debuted their Fall/Autumn collections, the designer’s had no idea that the next biggest accessory was about to take over the industry and the world. 


With the historic mass spreading of Covid-19, medical experts pleaded the use of face coverings when in public, as they prevent the transmission of the disease. Many states, including New York, now require the use of face coverings when entering businesses or out in the public. The introduction of masks into our everyday wardrobe has not only become a fashion statement but has greatly impacted the reduction of the spread. 


When the need for masks grew among the public, and even some essential workers, large fashion houses dedicated their closed factories to the production of face masks. These necessary protective equipment have gone from surgical to stylish with dozens of name brands producing reusable masks for mass consumption. 


Madewell, Proeza Schouler, Erdem, and many more have debuted their own mask designs for the stylish public. Fashion lovers can now go out in public wearing a high-end accessory that is both a luxury and a necessity. These new accessories make luxury brands more accessible to the public, much like branded perfumes. But are we monetizing off of a deadly illness? 


Although these brands may seem to be profiting off of a pandemic, many have decided to provide some proceeds toward COVID-relief with each purchase. But with some designer masks costing upwards of $450, it seems like brands may be profiting off of the need. However, since it appears we are going to be required to wear masks at least until a vaccine is found, why not make it a fashion statement? As businesses open and people return to work, we are still going to be required to incorporate masks into our attire, so they should at least be stylish. 

By Staci Soslowitz