Saweetie aka the baby hair princess


Saweetie aka the baby hair princess is taking the fashion industry by storm. I love seeing her outfit choices. She had the best looks during New York and Milan fashion week this year. Saweetie is educated, talented and fly! She knows how to use her platform to get attention from high publications such as Vogue, GQ, Paper magazine, and Maxim. She is known for her two top charting singles “My type” and most recently “Tap in” Sweetie's stylist Bryon Javar.

Has dressed her in the most mesmerizing pieces. Saweetie is one of those versatile rappers that makes sure her presence is known in fashion. She recently had a collaboration with Pretty Little Thing, a London based retailer known for fast fashion. Her influence on fashion is something I hope to see more of. Sweetie's appearance at both fashion weeks left everyone in awe. She was seen at front row shows of Moschino, Prada, Fenty, and Bergdorf Goodman.

Saweetie has proved to everyone that rappers do not need to be confined to the music industry. With the right stylist and platform fashion can quickly become a great tool to bring attention to their music. She slowly became a fashion icon and I am so here for it! Her style is an icy combination of streetwear and high fashion. She doesn't just wear an outfit because it looks cute. She looks for craftsmanship, history on designers, and the type of material being used.

Saweetie inspires me to be successful, finish my college education, and to have the dopest outfit in the room. I love looking at her outfit choices for when I am putting pieces together. I cant wait to see what her next move in fashion is going to be.
Sarah Fontanges