Pyer Moss X The Innocence Project


Pyer Moss has always promoted activism and social change from the lens of high fashion and runway. Their “Experiment 4” sneaker was no different.
Alysha Mohamed
Earlier this month, Kerby Jean-Raymond released a limited edition sneaker, with a portion of the net proceeds being donated to The Innocence Project. On the Pyer Moss Instagram, a video was released outlining the demographics of wrongful convictions in the United States, with a majority of convicts being African-American or LatinX. Founded in 1992 by Peter Neufield and Barry Scheck, the nonprofit organization is committed to pointing out the failures and racism ingrained in the criminal justice system, pushing for reform, and exonerating the wrongfully convicted through DNA testing.

The actual shoe, like other shoes in the Experiment collection, is futuristic and colour blocked with velour lining, suede insoles, and an integrated lacing system. Collaborating with Reebok has allowed Pyer Moss to expand as a brand beyond just meaningful clothing designs, into the world of sneakers.

There will likely be more collaborations with similar initiatives in the future, especially considering how political Jean-Raymond’s designs have been in the past.

Donations, signing petitions, and education on systemic oppression continues to be integral even though Instagram and Twitter feeds look more “normal” now. Pyer Moss found a way to keep activism relevant and exciting in an initiative completely outside of social media, also bringing awareness to the meaningful work of The Innocence Project.