Gucci is Revolutionizing Gender-Fluid Fashion


Since Alessandro Michele was appointed as the creative director of Gucci, a revolution of gender began. Fans of Gucci have noticed a palpable change in the way clothes are marketed and fashion shows are designed; there is fluidity, unisex garments, and non-binary looks that seem elevated beyond typical perceptions of sex or gender. This is definitely in line with the work and history of Alessandro Michele, who has been reimagining and redefining menswear for years. His version of masculinity is one of embracing traditionally feminine fashion and glamour to create a new aesthetic for the ideal modern man.

Gucci recently launched a new “genderless” shopping initiative, Gucci MX, featuring a variety of gender-neutral models. According to the website, this new collection is meant to “deconstruct preconceived binaries and question how these concepts relate to our bodies.” The sizing for the new collection is also gender neutral, and the brand also announced they would be taking a seasonless approach in the future - opting for a permanent shift in the world of fashion after COVID-19.

However, Michele has never framed his attempt to dismantle gender norms as a political statement. “They call me the ruler of gender fluidity, but to me, I was just pulling out beauty. Conventionally beautiful people have always confused me,” he stated.

Gucci MX, spearheaded by Michele’s creative vision, may indicate a broader understanding in the world of high fashion of gender and inclusivity. Though the creative director may not be attempting to make a political statement, the undertones are clear - beauty does not have to be categorized into specific compartments in order for it to be appreciated. Gucci has set an example for groundbreaking gender fluid fashion that is not only inclusive, but incredibly fashionable. Moving forward, other brands may react to Alessandro Michele’s willingness to promote inclusivity through the lens of beauty and aestheticism, rather than politics.
Alysha Mohamed