“Girlfriends”, the Epitome of Iconic 90’s Fashion, is Coming Back


The iconic ‘90s show Girlfriends is coming back to Netflix, along with classics like Moesha and Sister Sister. These shows will be placed in Netflix’s new category, Strong Black Leads, which is likely a response to the Black Lives Matter Movement. These shows deeply impacted and reflected the culture of the time, along with actually providing representation on screen of nuanced Black characters. Fans are excited about sinking into the nostalgia and vibes of ‘90s and early 2000s hit shows.

One of the most exciting aspects of the show to analyze is the incredible fashion — and seeing the characters drip in confidence while wearing their outfits.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, A Different World, and Girlfriends were all pioneers of iconic ‘90s and early 2000’s looks, though the current obsession with recreating these fashion trends is arguably centred around white representation.

On every social media app, we see influencers sporting oversized crew necks with biker shorts, patterned crop tops and 90s mom jeans — Black sitcoms were the hub of these trends, but are rarely revered in the same way the fashion of Friends or Sex and the City are.

Moreover, these shows actually portrayed the idea that Black families and women in particular could be successful, stylish, and lead characters on T.V. shows rather than token best friends. This new ideology was reflected in the fashion of the characters, and the looks have remained iconic until today.

The costume designer of the first season Girlfriends, Stacy L. Beverly, also costumed the first season of Black-ish. She wanted, and arguably still wants, to accurately represent young Black women on stage in a compelling manner. An interesting aspect of this accuracy was recycling clothes and outfits in new ways, the same way most young women do in the real world.

"The giving away and exchanging of items like we do in real life was very intentional. We would take basic items and restyle them—pair them with a jacket the next time or different bottoms. Also, our budget was not very big in comparison to other shows so we had to make the most out of it,” Beverly said.

With undeniable style and characters that inherently feel real, Girlfriends will give us a glimpse into raw ‘90s fashion in a time where every lookbook is inspired by this era. Alysha Mohamed