Telfar Bag Security Program

Unisex black-owned fashion brand Telfar created by Telfar Clemens. Has created a bag security program to ensure clients of the brand are able to purchase the bags at full retail price. This is the first time a brand has created a loyalty program that allows people to fully secure their bags. The new security program was created with resellers in mind. Resellers selfishly purchase all products in large quantities then resellers them. More than what they are worth for a higher price point.

Unfortunately, mainstream and independently owned brands must deal with resellers. It takes away the brand notoriety and diminishes the amount of work designers put into their craft. The announcement of this program was left with mixed emotions. Some are excited for this program, While others are unimpressed. The down side of this opportunity is that clients will receive their bags no later than January 15,2021.

According to the brand, the security program is meant to guarantee a bag for yourself. This alternative gives people the chance to shop with ease. They no longer have to worry about drops. As a way to entice clients to partake in the program. Telfar offered EVERY SIZE AND COLOR FOR UNLIMITED PRE-ORDER. That's a big deal considering the bags sell out within minutes of being released.

When I discovered the security program, I was excited because I love the simplicity of the brand. I considered joining the program but then I realized we are still in August and January is five months away. It is a big commitment for Telfar to make those orders in that short time frame. If they fail on their promise to deliver their bags no later than January 15, 2021. Their brand integrity will be tarnished. Every product must meet company and client standards, if not repercussions will not be pretty.

Sarah Fontanges