How this Atlanta based brand looks to change the skincare industry

"Many people are fixated on physical appearance, and when they are not able to achieve it, it messes them up mentally. By fixing that one factor, you are boosting someone’s confidence".
- Danielle Bahi

Ayele and Co. is a natural skincare line centered around natural and holistic mixtures of olives, sunflowers, almonds, hazelnut oil, and other organic ingredients, Ayele & Co has embarked on the journey to offer transformative products for all skin colors and types since their founding.

In our one​-​to​-​one interview​,​ founder Danielle Bahi gives us a peek into her vision for where she looks to take the skincare industry and the underlying unique opportunity she seeks to provide in helping people understand their largest organ, their skin.

Alysha Mohamed: Can you tell me a little about your brand’s vision?

Danielle Bahi: Ayele believes in nurturing people's skin naturally. No need to use topical medication or sell your soul for clear skin, we believe we can provide people with a safer approach.

Alysha Mohamed: It’s rare and exciting to see a Black-owned skincare line with the intention of creating products for all skin tones. How was the idea for the brand inspired?

Danielle Bahi: The brand was created at first to fulfill my own skincare needs. As someone who used to suffer from cystic acne and currently has hirsutism (a condition where women develop an excess amount of androgens which causes excessive hair growth on the face and body), I tried numerous brands hoping to find a resolution to my skin’s needs. After two unsuccessful tries of accutane and other acne treatments, I wanted to give up hope.

I figured the last resort would be to use my grandmother’s at-home natural remedies and experiment from there which created Ayele. Not only did it help my skin, but I developed the love to help others who have gone through the same struggle as me.

Alysha Mohamed: With skincare becoming more mainstream, where would you suggest consumers start in the attempt to understand their skin?

Danielle Bahi: Love your skin first. We know that’s not what people love to hear, but in order to properly cater to your skin’s needs, you must love it first the way it is. By showing it the proper love it needs, you’ll be able to treat your skin’s needs. You won’t rush to buy things that may cause your skin to react negatively because you took the time to first love and understand your skin.

The brand’s goal is “to create a new standard for the cosmetics industry”. What does this new standard look like?

The new standard is having people love their skin regardless of how they look. We live in a society where a certain beauty standard is pushed, however, that is unrealistic. People should be able to look in the mirror and genuinely appreciate their skin.

Alysha Mohamed: A recent blog post on the Ayele website detailed an introduction to skin care for men. Why do you think this is an important topic to cover?

Danielle Bahi: Men tend to neglect their skin a lot more because many of them naturally have good skin. However, what they fail to understand is your skin will fluctuate. It’s good to start taking care of your skin now rather than in the midst of an outbreak.

Alysha Mohamed: Why do you think skincare is so therapeutic?

Danielle Bahi: Skincare is therapeutic because it heals something for others. Many people are fixated on physical appearance and when they’re not able to achieve it, it messes up with them mentally. By fixing that one factor, you’re boosting someone’s confidence.

Alysha Mohamed
IG: @alyshamohamed