Another E-Commerce Stock Is Booming

Political uncertainty, public health uncertainty, economic uncertainty - all of these factors are the textbook elements that concoct the perfect storm for a market downfall. But e-commerce has defied this. Online spending habits due to at-home lockdowns are the major factor in this, as the lack of instore retail breeds this necessity. Global e-comm increased 31% worldwide just last June. The top markets in commerce groups came from gaming and retail, as work-from-home and keeping the kids busy breeds these buys.
What’s notable about these shifts is that yes, this spike of online shopping is likely to decline as the pandemic subsides (hopefully by the end of 2021), and in-store retail is once again safe. However, necessity creates innovation, and this online boom is impacting something that will last- new and interesting POS systems. As we’ve seen Shopify’s incredible stock boom in recent quarters, more and more companies are looking to consulting point-of-sale developers who will give them a leg up. As many brands have had to drastically shift to online or create innovative ways to sell amidst the pandemic, these services are more important than ever.
So who else is doing this? BigCommerce is a name to watch. Another major player in a newly competitive market, BigCommerce surged 292% in its first day of trading just last week. Wavering slightly, the company has exponential promise. Promising the easiest way to “build, run, and grow a better online business,” BigCommerce already has major clients like Woolrich, Camelbak, Clarks, Toyota, Ben & Jerry’s, and many more. Keep an eye out for hidden gems like this as e-commerce continues kicking, and more companies rely on businesses like Shopify and BigCommerce to transform their online presence into the ‘new normal.’
By Adi Shoham
IG: @adiblossom