Another Black Voice on the Table, with Samira Nasr

Volatile - Fashion Magazine

As of July 6th, Samira Nasr will take charge at Harper’s BAZAAR as editor-in-chief. This will be a milestone for the popular American magazine, having for the first time a Black editor among their leadership positions. 


Nasr has taken off her career after attending journalism school in New York and working as a fashion assistant at Vogue for Grace Coddington. Among her curriculum, she has worked at InStyle and ELLE too. She is the master-stylist behind the scenes of some of the most famous covers, especially the ones from 2013 to 2016, with celebrities like Melissa McCarthy (Elle Magazine, 2013), Taraji P. Henson (Elle Magazine, 2016), and Beyonce’ (Elle USA, 2016).


Based in Brooklyn, Samira is holding her last weeks as executive fashion director at Vanity Fair, a position she earned back in 2018. After 153 years, Harper’s Bazaar will get to assign a major role to a non-white person, an element that these days the fashion industry is trying to highlight in all its aspects and fields - from modelling to styling, from editors to producers and investors.


The decision to place Nasr as editor-in-chief after Glenda Bailey’s role was taken in January.

Nasr will take Glenda Bailey’s place, who has flled the role for 19 years old until the beginning of this year. The fashion industry was already on the edge of a moral and economic shift, but Nasr’s appointment signified a major step with a much more insightful meaning in light of the Black Lives Matter movements. Born in Montreal, Canada, Nasr is planning to display through her wriiting and direction the cosmopolitan views and mentality she has grown up with.


“As the proud daughter of a Lebanese father and Trinidadian mother, my worldview is expansive and is anchored in the belief that representation matters. My lens by nature is colorful, and so it is important to me to begin a new chapter in Bazaar’s history by shining a light on all individuals who I believe are the inspiring voices of our time”, said Nasr on her digital welcome video for Harper’s BAZAAR posted on her Instagram page and on the publication’s one too. 


For the first time after 100 years, Harper’s BAZAAR is ready to embrace another kind of audience and readership, more inclusive, younger, and fresher in terms of content and delivery. Just like what happened to Teen Vogue under the direction of Elaine Welteroth, only time will tell if Nasr will turn this well-known publication into a dynamic editorial full of voices, stories, and experienced of all backgrounds and tones.



Giulia Baldini